Registration is now closed. Contact for further information.

Early Bird

Deadline for Early Bird Registration APRIL 30, 2018

Registration and payment details are being arranged in advance, however the actual transfer of funds from staff accounts will not occur until shortly after the conference. This will allow for an accurate application of Travel Equalization as well as childcare costs.


Accommodation Fee $155
(based on double occupancy)
Meal Packages (see below)
Campus Fee for Commuters – $25/person

If for any reason you need to cancel up to 30 days before the conference you will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee.

See below for more details.

Cost Breakdown

Conference registration does not include: Childcare and Airport transportation.

Accommodation Fees

Accommodation Fee $155 (based on double occupancy)

If you need a room on your own, you will be charged the full double occupancy rate for the unused bed.

If you are single, you may request a roommate.  If you do not request a roommate, one will be chosen for you.  Please note that both prospective roommates must request each other in order to be placed in the same room.

The double occupancy rule applies to children as well. If they need their own room you will be charged for the full room. If you do not specify a roommate they may be roomed with another child. Please note: if you prefer to have the child sleep in your room (or with siblings) choose the “no bed/bedding required” and you will not be charged.

Meal Packages

1. Full Meal Package $235

Includes all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from Monday BBQ to Thursday Dinner

2. Partial Meal Package $80

Includes Refreshment during the breaks, Monday night BBQ and Thursday Dinner
(Mandatory for all Staff)

3. No Breakfast Package $205

Includes Monday BBQ Dinner, lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Thursday, and snacks and refreshments during breaks.

Ministry Day

For guests and interns joining just for Ministry Day (from Wednesday 12:30pm till Thursday 4:00pm), the cost will be $90 which includes refreshments during breaks, Wednesday lunch & dinner, Thursday breakfast & lunch, plus accommodation (based on availability)

Campus Fees for Commuters


This fee applies to all staff staying off campus. This fee covers the costs incurred by the use of the campus and facilities. For those staying on campus, this fee has already been included into their accommodation costs. There is no Campus Fee for children or Non-staff guests who attend the conference.

Travel Equalization

The travel equalization applies to commissioned and associate paid staff. It was put in place to help equalize the cost of travel that some staff members pay when they travel to the Staff Conference.

The travel equalization adjustment is based on your departure city. It is calculated by taking the average travel cost for all staff (which this year is $486) and subtracting the estimated travel cost from your departure city to Staff Conference.

Departure City Toronto
Average travel cost 486
Estimated travel cost 75
Travel equalization adjustment 411
Departure City Vancouver
Average travel cost 486
Estimated travel cost  780
Travel equalization adjustment 294